February 16, 2006

Bali 9

Posted in bali, death row, drugs at 1926 by contentious

So the verdicts are in. 2 to face the firing squad and 7 to have life imprisonment.

While there is no disputing the 9 are guilty, what a lot of people seem to be upset over is that the 9 were sold out by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP are alleged to have tipped of the Indonesian authorities about the activities of the drug smugglers.

So? What is the problem with that?

Better to have the Indonesians deal with the court costs and sentences than have the 9 come back into Australia and then put them through our legal system.

For if they were to be tried in Australia, you can be guaranteed some bleeding heart liberals would say they were all “poor misunderstood kids who never got hugged by their parents and it is society who is responsible for them being the way they are”. The cases would drag on forever and at most they may get 10 years.

This way they are dealt with by Indonesia, and we save a lot of tax payers money in court and prison costs.


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