February 21, 2006

Heroin Deaths

Posted in drugs, heroin at 1219 by contentious

Each day a local paper publishes the tally of road deaths and heroin deaths to date.

With regards to the heroin deaths – who cares?

They are using an illegal drug, more than likely bought with stolen goods or money from pawned/sold stolen goods. If they want to use an illegal drug, they have to take full responsibility for the results.

The people I feel sorry for is the paramedics. They have to race to try and get to the person in time to save them, more often than not being harrased and abused when they do get there. If they are too late (from not being called in time) then they have to clean up the mess.

Why don’t they just say “Stuff it. We’ll get there when we’re good and ready.” For if they get there in time and save the person, as soon as the user is out of hospital or care, they are back using again. How many repeat offenders have the ambo’s had to save?

I personally don’t care if a junkie dies. In fact I give a little smile each time the death toll goes up. It means one less moron in the world.


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