March 3, 2006

Train Deaths

Posted in teenager, trains at 1628 by contentious

The state government wants to initiate an educational course to teach kids that not crossing train tracks at designated crossings can be dangerous.

Why do you have to teach them that? If they cannot work out that jumping down from a 5 foot platform, crossing the lines, and trying to get up onto the other 5 foot high platform (when you are probably just over 5 foot yourself) is dangerous then they deserve all they get.

Put the money into providing pre-emptive counselling for the train drivers.  Advise them they are going to run over kids, but it is best for the world that these idiots are killed now rather than spreading their stupid genes out into the world.

What is it with governments that want to molly coddle the population?  You don’t need to educate the population about crossing train tracks.


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